Fudooka SGH Overview

Fudooka SGH Overview

Super Global High School (SGH)

- Outline of Fudooka High School SGH Project-

1. Project

 Educating the leaders of tomorrow to create a better world

2. Outline

 Through Fudooka SGH curriculum, this project aims to foster globalized leaders who will be able to play active roles on the international stage. Students conduct multidisciplinary, comprehensive and exploratory studies in collaboration with domestic and overseas universities, as well as corporations and other institutions. They will be equipped with an awareness and deep knowledge of social issues, communication and problem-solving skills, and other globally competitive skills. The project also aims to develop effective teaching methods and programs on leadership training.

Fudooka SGH curriculum consists of three pillars:
・F-Plan (Fudooka-Plan) is a comprehensive learning course where students set a theme and study it independently.
・Cross Cultural Understanding is a coursework-based class where students learn about multiculturalism.
・Super Global Club is an extracurricular activity that allows students to further study and engage with global issues as well as encourages them to develop regional awareness. 

3. Research Agenda

 To conduct theme-based research on the following in the northern part of Saitama Prefecture and neighboring areas:
Ⅰ. Environmental Symbiosis
     ①Garbage Issues and Recycling 
     ②Energy Issues
Ⅱ. Societal Symbiosis
     ③Multicultural Symbiosis
Ⅲ. Regional Revitalization
     ④Traditional, Culture, and Regional Revitalization
     ⑤Depopulation and Aging Issues